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Date: Nov 8, 2016


Logo Design Reflection

Creative Insights:

I designed this logo for Washington D.C Surf Club. The big letter ”S” was designed as a wave surrounding the logo. In the middle of the logo, I put a silhouette of surfing man, which focuses on the feature of the organization. I used Bauhaus 93 typeface that aims for creating a sporting and playful feeling. For the color version of the logo, I used complementary colors: blue watercolor brush (wave), and yellow filling (silhouette), which I desire to create an active and energetic mood for the logo.

Problem-solving Strategies Tactics and Reference to Class Discussion:

At the beginning, when I was designing the color version of the logo, I used a light blue watercolor brush in Adobe Illustrator as the wave of the logo.  However, it looks barely visible when I printed the logo on the actual product. Since the professor remained me in class, the logo’s colors need to be intensive and clearly printable which could able to show on all form of finished product. Hence, I download a new set of water brush from and changed it to more intensive blue.  And the final came out result looks so much better. 

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