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The Killling

This video has been deleted.


Comparing with visual communication, the audio message can be more unpredictable and imaginary. By combing the audio recordings collected from different environments, we depict the terrifying process that a psychopathic murderer cruelly kills a horrifying girl and "enjoy" his relaxing time after the tragedy. We were inspired by the movie series "Saw". The question we asked ourselves is: Is that possible if we only use sound to create the feeling of horror without images? The answer is "Yes". Even if the way we create the sound is completely different from what we use it for, the sound pieces finally work well and support the plot development. We want the audience to feel: sometimes the sound itself is not scary, but under the specific situation, imagination can lead you to such an anxious moment that you want to avoid. Shush, listen!"

SFX Sound Produce

(Original clip was no sound)

SFX Sound Produce
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